Refund Policy - B. Tech. Marine Engineering

In case a student, after completing the admission process and paying the fees, decides to withdraw from the Institute, a part of the fees will be refunded. The amount refunded depends on the date of withdrawal by the student.

The refund policy for the year 2018-19 was as follows:

Withdrawal date Amounts Forfeited
On or before 19th July 2018

From 20th July 2018 onwards


Entire fees paid for the semester

  • The amount paid towards estimated expenses shall be refunded after deducting therefrom, the actual expenses incurred towards provision of books, uniforms, stationery, laundry, messing, medical etc.
  • In respect of refund policy, the decision of the institute is final and binding on the student. Normally, it takes approximate one month to make refunds.