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Welcome to the TMI Alumni section of the website. This area of the website is dedicated to all alumni of TMI, whether you participated in our campus based programmes or were a student of the TMI-BITS Distance Learning Centre.

15th Year Reunion of Pioneer Batch on 29th December 2017 at TMI

A reunion of its first batch of Marine Engineering programme was held at Tolani Maritime Institute on 29th and 30th December 2017 to mark the 15th year of the graduation of the pioneer batch. It was a matter of great joy for all the teachers and non-teaching staff on campus to meet the ex-students and their families.

It was a nostalgic feeling for all the visiting alumni. They had lunch in Hostel 1 with third and final year students to relive their days. Later in the afternoon, they interacted with final year ME and third year Nautical students in Auditorium to share their firsthand rich experience of jobs onboard and ashore. About 30 ex-students with their families attended the reunion dinner on 29th December in Guest House lawn with faculty members and their wives.

Next day, all alumni along with their families visited the Main Block and freely interacted with faculty members and non-teaching staff. It was a memorable visit for college and alumni and worth its value in gold as many had travelled from all corners of the country.



TMI Global Alumni Organisation Ltd. has been registered in Singapore in September 2016 with the mission to develop a vibrant TMI Community all across the Globe, develop connections with professional Alumni and to provide a platform to bring all TMI Alumni together to stay in touch.

Shailendra Agarwala, one of the founders of the Association says:

"The main Idea of having a ‘TMI- Global Alumni Association’ and its FB page is to centralize and harmonize the efforts of TMI Alumni all across the Globe. This is the first registered Non-profitable organisation, dedicated to TMI Alumni, which we endeavour to make Global in all aspects. We are and always will be connected at roots, so this is a establishment from, for and by everyone. It will help for:
1) Posting Verified Opportunities available across the Globe. Many times the opportunity (At shore and at sea) comes but there are no candidates or vice-versa. If we use the page diligently, then we can reach a wide group of TMI Family and not just our own batch mates, to post the verified openings and opportunities. This can be accessed on ships as well, as applicable.
2) For announcing if there is Anyone in need genuinely. Everyone can come to know faster and help can be provided in more synchronized manner.
3) For Organising events and Get togethers. People can reach each other in a more efficient manner and will not be bound by the limitations of batches.
4) And many other possibilities, of whatever good TMI Alumni Family can think of.

So to make this successful, please help to spread the word and let’s make more and more people join this Global Alumni Association. In this Alumni Family, there are no leaders, no heads, but only well wishers (and some well wishers have to do co-ordination of course)."

The Organisation met in Singapore for its Annual Dinner on 15th July 2017.

To know about the activities of alumni, you may write to or visit facebook page