Syllabus - B. Tech. Marine Engineering

Semester I Semester II
Communicative English & Sociology Seamanship, Elementary Navigation &
Survival at Sea
Mathematics – I Mathematics – II
Basic Thermodynamics Applied Thermodynamics – I
Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering Strength of Materials – I
Engineering Mechanics - I Computer Science
Workshop Technology Engineering Mechanics – II
Geometrical Drawing Engineering & Machine Drawing
Basic Electrical & Electronics Laboratory Applied Mechanics Laboratory
Workshop Practicals – I Workshop Practicals – II
Communicative English Lab Computer Laboratory – I
Credit Marks Credit Marks
Semester III Semester IV
Computational Mathematics Ship Structure & Construction
Electronics Marine Boiler Steam Engineering
Applied Thermodynamics – II Mechanics of Machines – II
Strength of Materials – II Electrical Machines – II
Mechanics of Machines – I Fluids Mechanics – I
Electrical Machines – I Marine Heat Engine & Air Conditioning
Marine Engineering Drawing Practical Marine Automation
Electronics Laboratory Heat & Boiler Chemical Laboratory
Computer Laboratory – II Workshop Practicals – IV
Workshop Practicals – III Control Engineering Laboratory I
Credit Marks Credit Marks
Semester V Semester VI
Material Science Ship Fire Prevention & Control
Management Science & Economics Marine Internal Combustion Engine II
Marine Internal Combustion Engine – I Marine Electrical Technology
Fluid Mechanics – II Marine Auxiliary Machines – II
Marine Auxiliary Machines – I Naval Architecture – II
Naval Architecture – I Elective subject – 1
Elementary Design & Drawing Fire Control & Life Saving Appliances Laboratary
Material Science Laboratory Marine Power Plant Operation – II
Mechanics & Fluid Laboratory Electrical Machines Laboratory
Marine Power Plant Operation – I Credit Marks
Credit Marks
Semester VII Semester VIII
Ship Operation & Management ON BOARD TRAINING & ASSESSMENT
Advanced Marine Control Engineering & Automation Voyage Report
IMO & Maritime Conventions Environmental Project
Advanced Marine Technology Viva - Voce
Engine Room Management
Elective Subject – 2
Marine Machinery & System Design
Simulator & Control Laboratory
Technical Paper & Project
Credit Marks
Carryover Credit Group from I to VI Semester

Elective Subjects

Double Hull Tanker Vessels
Advanced Marine Heat Engines (Co - Cycles)
Environmental Science & Technology
Advance Computer Application
Advanced Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery
Transport & Logistic Management
Advanced Material Science & Surface Coating Engineering
Renewable Energy Sources & Applications